Since Jan.22 it's been the same s---, that Wed.Jan.23 was another visit for Yusuf. I asked Yusuf 6 times that if he was not going to show up to call but he would only call when he was coming. On Wed. Jan.23rd I never received a phone call so I thought that he was not coming, I mean I was still home but my daughter was cranky because she was up all night teething, so she was all off schedule when he shows up for his visit. Well I was so annoyed that he was now being so spiteful that he's not calling when he comes, but anyway I could use the break from my daughter because I was up all night with her. So I put her on the floor in the living room so he could have his visit. My daughter is not so cuddly she likes to go off on her own until she ready then she will warm up and plays..another reason she don't know him. So he then goes over and picks her up but she just starts pushing him away and starts to cry. So I didn't think that it was a big deal to tell him......lesson just let her go if you force yourself on her she wont want you, well he just gave me this look. So I go inside and I'm calling my friends and just chillin for a while when I pass the living room to go up stair and I see him pulling her by the arm and she starts to scream and cry. When I  was not having that I said what are you doing you don't pull a 10 month old baby by the arm like that. He gets up and say listen this is my time and your interfering. He then begins to point in  my face screaming about the child support money that he has to give me. I said listen if you don't stop yelling you will have to leave and he just kept going, so I asked him to leave and he said no this is my time with my daughter. Ok you never show up but now it's your time. So I then called the police and he left quick before they came. I called my lawyer and she said that i did the right thing.

There's a reason for the supervised visits, because he don't know how to be around a baby. I really think he was more mad about my daughter not wanting anything to do with him. I don't know what he expected he never comes. Then  on that Sunday he never came and never called. This really sucks though. On wed Jan. 30th he calls to tell me that he coming but my mom was doing the visit because I'm little afraid of him right now. I get a call at 4:50 to say that he going to be late, I then tell him that in the court paper he has until 5:30 to get here and he only lives down the block. He tells me that he's stuck in traffic ( not my problem). I called my mom at 5:40 and she tell me that he never came......This is a game to him... not fun though. I then get a call at 5:50 to tell me that he's in front of my house and wants to see his daughter.......I was getting my nail done and I know he didn't see my car in the driveway. So then My mother calls me and says that he called and wanted to know if he could run in and see his daughter... she was so pissed off she said you know you gave Melissa no choice but to go to court and now you have set days and times and you never show... She said you need to make your daughter a priority really now. This is the way I feel if maybe he came once in a while I would have let him see her but I have my own Life and it can't be when he has time. I'm really getting tried of this shit. It's 4 hours a week and he don't even come for one and he wants me to go out of my way for him HELL NO. MAKE MY DAUGHTER A PRIORITY THEN WILL TALK.WHAT DO YOU LADIES THINK

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 12:33 AM i agree with you ! stick to your grounds girl !!

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 12:35 AM       yes,yes,yes!! my ex thinks that when it is convient for him that my kids and i should drop everything and make it happen. my kids are 9 and 10. in the last year he has seen the kids 4 times, 3 of the four times i drove them the hour and a half to his house and the hour and half to pick them up, on my dime even no gas money,not paying child support then.he is selfish, self centered asshole!!!! don't let that jerk plan games with you. i toold my ex to shit or get off the pot. be a dad or stay away! it is a major emotioal roller coaster for a child when dad only comes when it is convient.he just trying to pull your strings don't give the satisfactio. 

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 5:08 PM i agree with aryanas mommy he doesnt know how to take care of her i wouldnt trust him!

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