well my son is finna be 2 and i think its time to potty train him i mean he knows all the words and he knows how to recognize them and hes so excited about sitting on the pot but thats it all he does is sit there then when i try to take him off he cries and throws a fit are there any suggestions tips some thin out there that can help me i would appreciate

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 9:11 AM lol...thats what they do in the beginning...they just sit there but they dont wanna get off because they think its cool cuz you do it. lol...but at first he wont do anything, but in order to get him to do anything you have to put him on there evey 30minutes to and hour--i know that sounds tedious but that is the only way to make it more likely for him to go in the potty rather than his diaper and whenever he does go in the potty then just make the biggest deal. Supposedly girls learn faster than boys, my daughter started the day after her 2nd birthday which is apr 27 and was done by november but im telling you that was hell, you have to be prepared for the piss all over the floor and brining and extra change of clothes everywhere. lol...but i babysat a 4 year old and his mom said that he didnt learn until he was almost 4 and she started when he was 2 so I guess it just depends. I feel like im an expert in this field because I have given many a lecture on this subject so if anything comes up just ask me because im sure i know the answer lol...Caio.

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