Today is all about the day. (sorry KyTy it was supposed to be training day 18?) He did very well a few days in a row but not today.

My day started with a phone call from the girl I babysit for saying the baby split his lip on the frame work of the bathroom. It was bad he had a few stitches even. dd has no school b/c of weather. God love her little soul but she is adhd and drives me crazy sometimes.(By sometimes I really mean that I've been up for 3 days with ds Karson, b/c he was sick, and just alittle weathered.) Not that I can't handle her, I just tend to loose my patience too fast on very little sleep. Not long after that news I find out that I will be having the baby n-e ways so his mom can go to work... WTF call it a personal day would ya!Nope she goes to work while I fret over him not bumping himself or if he is eating enough.

Okay, so I can handle all of this right? Yeah so they all lay down for a nap and dh takes dd to a friends(they called asking if they could have her and I said yes thinking she could avoid being around to get sick.)Going out the door dh casually says "man I don't feel good" and takes her on his way to work.

About 4o'clock ds, KyTy, gets out of bed, cries, and throws up all at the same time. GREAT. was all I could think.His bro, karson gets up still fevered, so I call dad, saying "if you can come home alittle sooner PLEASE DO!!" I got a call not 1/2hr later from dh asking if I wanted good news or bad news? good news... he is coming home now. Bad news.... he is sick.

I had dinner all ready to cook(stuffed pork chops, sweet potatos, rolls, and applesauce) and put it back thinking some Mrs.weisses soup instead. Dh had alittle kids didn't eat a bite. So I put the KyTy to bed Karson watched T.V. and went to get ginger ale for everyone. DH calls me while I am there to tell me ds(KyTy) has thrown up all over his bed.I get home clean it all up, and let them all have alittle soda. Ds KyTy gets sick, once again! This day was gone.It is 1am,I just got the baby to bed, again, and needed to vent. I sure hope everyone gets better soon, I am dragging ass. 


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Feb. 3, 2008 at 1:02 AM

aww. Well I hope they all get better soon. Tomorow will be a better day. Maybe they all just have the 24 hour flu. Hopefully it will pass soon. When Trey gets sick, its always just 24 hours. About a day of diarhea and puke and then diaper rash the next day and the 3rd day he is good.

Trey isn't sick but I took him to the doctor on Tuesday for a physical for daycare, and he has infected pores on his face. I didn't even know this could happen. He has had an on and off rash on his face for a couple months and I just kept thinking it was dry, chapped cheeks from the bitter cold weather. Well it happend to be there on tuesday for the doc. and I got antibiotics for him. I just thought it was kinda crazy.


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