I had fun watching the taping of the Tyra Show!  The best part of the trip was the trying to find a spot to park my BIG SUBURBAN!

Could someone have told me not to drive a big 4x4 into the City!  Parking is any where from $28-35 dollars!

Tyra looks just like you see her on television! She is tall and  curvy, and Very Funny!  The studio looks big on TV, but in all actuality is very small.  They start and stop alot, we were there about 2.5-3 hours four the one hour show!  Then she would tape another show right after! 

NYC traffic, how do New Yorkers do it everyday, traffic was just as bad leaving Connecticut and return to Connecticut! I would do it again, but next time Drive to New Haven and take the Metro North! 




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Feb. 2, 2008 at 9:08 PM wow! i love tyra. what a cool experience!

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