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If you are potty traning a toddler I know you can relate, I had my DS mostly potty trained at 2 years old, he would stand up to pee, just decided he didn't want to poop one day, however he still did pretty good in underwear.  Well my DH was in the hospital for 15 days in Nov. and he kinda back slid so we were back to pull-ups but still doing pretty well with peeing just had a harder time getting him to agree to go to the bathroom but once he was in there he was great! (probably because of all the different people that watched him when DH was sick) Anyway still no poop (pardon my french) success. Then on Monday this week I decided I'd had eneough (my son is going to be 3 at the end of march.) So whenever he had a poop accident I would rush him to the potty to see if he would finish, if he did he got a small treat if not nothing. I also started changing him in the bathroom next to the toilet and telling him thats where the poop goes! And I started noticing he does all his pooping after meals so I try to take him to the bathroom again (why I never thought of this sooner I'll never know, but Nov. was a horrible month for me with a m/c and DH's hospital stay) I also bought him a $1 hot wheels truck and let him pick it out and told him the first time he went poop in the potty and not in his pants by himself he could have it. Well today he did it! He has pooped 4 times! Each time after every sucess he gets a snack (will start weaning him off this once I am sure he has the hang of it just like I did with peeing). I called my DH at work and he was excited too, not quite as much as me but still relieved! After all I am the one that has taken the last year to accomplish this. I felt like he had just climbed Everest or something. Before I had my son I would have never imagined I would get so excited over poop but here I am and I feel like I have won the lottery! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Next week if all goes well I'll put him back in underwear again (I think my wallet will love me!) Anyway all I have to say is keep trying eventually something will work! Now if I could just get this diet thing handled!! LOL!!!


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Feb. 23, 2008 at 10:14 PM hahaha! that's great and your success  is a great one and funny;p my son is only 16 months but when he sits on his play potty and pretends to go poo I get a giddy;p so funny the things we get excited about:) when did you start trainging him? How do you begin to get them to pee standing up? do you train them to pee sitting down at first? I don't even know where to begin;p but congrats to you and your little man:)

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Feb. 29, 2008 at 1:50 PM

Thanks. As far as peeing standing up it is usally too hard to master at first so sitting down is a lot easier at first. I finally got my son to pee standing up after I had a lot of success on his small potty sititing down by having him watch my husband go standing up a bunch of times and then after a few days he wanted to be just like dad. I think the standing up part is best saved until your little one has mastered #1 and #2 sitting down. My son had only mastered #1 when he started standing up and then problem we then had is he wanted to do #2 standing up as well JMO! As far as when we decided to train him we started at 18 months because boys traditionally don't mature as fast as girls do and it takes them longer to train and longer to master bladder control. I had a hard time wondering where to start as well but there it this great e-book out there that I used that really helped jump start the process once my son was ready. Let me know if you would like the web-site it does cost money to download the book but it was worth every penny! Anyway sorry it took me so long to respond I just have not been on here much latelty, and thanks for the comment and the congrats! Good luck to you and your little one let me know if you need any tips etc. there is also a group on here on cafe mom called potty traning boys that is very helpful as well. Thanks again!


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