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Sometimes I am Wrong and that is a good Thing, When were you wrong abut RACIST behavior?

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I had two comments to my journal and both seem to indicate that I do the research.  The one thing that I have done is research and I just wonder what do they know about here?  Not trying to attack but if I was to list the things that have been done to me and what I have seen done to other blacks it is downright sad.  And if I was to say what someone did to me that adamantly proclaimed that she was not racist nor did she raise her children to be that way people would question her actions and why would a non-racist do something like that?  Never saw her do it to a white person and I worked with this woman three years.  There's talk and there's truth.  Racism is alive and well and it is not just white people that are racist.  I have some siblings that are very, very, very racist and before I would question the person I would have to know a little about the region in which they live and refer to.  Hey come up with something positive instead of attacking the person that has been numerously attacked by racists and the most hurting and devasting thing is to see my eleven year old not have one white friend in church or school except when it comes to birthday parties!  I live in a neighborhood where my neighbors only speak to my white husband.  Hey do you have anything to say or comment about that!!!  I have lived in this neiborhood going three years.  And my neighbors are cordial and social to my husband and the one little girl that would always come to our house and ask could my daughter come out to play, immediately when she came out her parents would call her end; not sometimes but everytiime.  And of course I know racism in all in my head, it is my immagination, it is my lack of research and understanding.  I know this because this is what white people say that are not racist but will not allow their children to socialize with my black son or my biracial daughter.  Further more why not get to know me first before assuming that I am totally clueless about what is going on in my neck of the woods?  Why not say "I am going to befriend this cafemom and see if it is her or maybe she has a legitimate reason for what she perceives as racist behavior?"  Why not beautiful, non-racial, I don't see prejudice people, WHY Not?  You like to weigh in and see things from your perspective and it ain't necessarily being black in a predominantly white situation and area.  I have a white female friend that lives here in Oregon and she acknowledges the racism she has personally seen here up close and personal, by the way she is the woman that places foster children!  Hello!  It's all you and nobody else.  And here's a heads up for you there's some blacks that don't like interracial couples either.   Thank you for extensive knowledge on my life, my experiences and the things I have seen done to others and not all black!!!  Try to have some empathy or is that for your friends and family only?  Yes and Micbeth, me is really angry because it is just like other people to only look at THEIR side.  Let's not empathize or see someone else side.  White people fought with and for black slaves to be free here in America.  Do you think that they only saw ONE side???????????????????

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 12:50 PM I think everything you wrote is very true.  Racism does exist, and anyone that says it doesn't is blind.  I wish we could all be color blind.  I wonder if it will ever happen.  Thanks for writing this post.  I hope it opens other people's eyes. 

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