It rained today.

It rained while I was in the car.

My husband was driving so I was able to lose myself in the drops.

I watched as they traveled down my passenger side window. 

Some of them fell slowly, catching silently on other raindrops.

Some of them fell quickly, cascading down and past my view.

I reflected on the sheer magnitude of all the rain drops. 

So many fell...there was no way to reflect on each of them... 

instead, my eyes would fall on one here and one there.

Shiny wet baubles of ingenuity. 

Each of them meant just for me.

How far up in the heavens had they fallen from?

Far, I am sure...only to land gracefully on my window.

What might the earth have looked like to them on their descent? 

What sound did they make falling on my window?

A soft pop... too low for me to hear amid the pounding on the rooftop. 

Coming close to them, I lay my head against the window.

So close, yet separated by glass, yet so connected on a spiritual level. 

These were my rain drops.

Little gifts from the divine...tiny tears containing the beauty of cool water. 

No other person would ever see them after me.

I smiled and looked away in calm peace. 

 It rained today.

It rained while I was in the car. 

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 1:36 AM Beautiful! 

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