Today Jeremiah was asking me why I have NOT sent him packages.  But every time I talk to him I ask him if he needs anything.  And he says No.  He just wants letters.  Well I have sent him a few letters Now and so has the boys.  But for some reason he got most of them at the same time.  He said a lot of the other solders have gottin like six or seven packages already.  I only sent him one.  Someone elts sent him one as well and so did someone elts.  He knows we don't have much money and I bought the guy a plain ticket to come home for over three houndred dollers.  What more does he want.  Sending things is very expensive.  I would love to do it every day but I can't.  I wish that he chould understand that.  I love him so much and it makes me feel bad that he is one of the people not getting much mail.  He says he doesn't care about the stuff he just wants letters.  So I wrote him one tonight and I wrote him a poem for Valintines day.  I have been buying stuff here and there.  ANd I filled two boxes.  So I hope that he will be happy because one is filled with the stuff he needs and the other is filled with Goddies.  I know he was not trying to make me feel bad but he did.  I told him I think he is exagerating and like he said a lot of these people are making more money then they know what to do with these days.  A lot of the solders that are out there work for McDonalds and this is a lot of money for them to handle.  So Mommy and Daddy are sending treats sweets and all types of things.  Jeremiah I am only sending him what I can when I can.  We have three boys to take care of.  Life goes on even with him not here.  And I bought more for him when he was in Iraq then I ever have when he was home.  Even though he is gone he still finds a way to drive me nuts.  I tell you what.  I hope this will carry him over for now.  LOL!!!

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 11:19 PM

LOL, you guys sound so cute! I would just send him as many letters as you could, and I know the packages cost quite a bit of money, so I would only do that every once in a while.

How are you holdin up? Still doing pretty good?

Talk to you soon,


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