I have been waiting for this day for months.  My little boy has finally rolled over.  It was from his belly to his back.  My friend Valerie was over and I was just telling her how he hasn't rolled over yet, that in fact Joel didn't even like tummy time, but lately has been tolerating it a little better.   So I put him on his belly and he did what I call the "iguana pose".   Then faster than I can believe, he rolled over.  Sounds trivial, but sometimes it's the little things that are wondrous.  What's even better is that he did it on his aunt's birthday, the aunt he doesn't see very often.  When I told her, she proclaimed he liked her better than our other sister.  It was very cute.  1-27-2008

On 1-30-2008 I noticed that Joel has started mimmicking me.  I was eating a hot dog and saw him "chewing" also.  I stopped, he stopped.  When I resumed, he resumed.  My mom came over later that day and was making a "clucking" sound with her mouth.  Joel was mimmicking her too (sans sound).  Joel has changed so much since I had him, yet at the same time, time has halted.  It's hard for me to imagine him at 5, 10, even a teen!  They say once you've had a baby, you can't imagine your life before them.  It's true.

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