My younger step sister is really going thru a LOT of stuff..but, so is her family..her hubby and little boy who is four and doesn't know what "mommy" is going thru!

Are there any spells that I can do in the "positive" for my younger promote great things to come..and or what about my nephew and his dad? I would like to do a health spell or a "goodwill" type of spell, that is not too difficult to do, for the order to help all three of them!! My younger sister is going thru a possible situation with bi-polar problems..she is in the hospital yet again! She is doing the same thing that Britney Spears is going thru..which is the 5150 or the "72 hour hold" in the hospital! I would really, really like to do a super positive and helping spell...if you all know of ANY...please inform me! Thank you!! I am really concerned at this time!! 



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