Hi everyone my name is paula and im a soon to be first time mom. Im 24 weeks pregnant with my little boy Izrael. Well im on here to ask a big favor of someone who stays close by. with the area code 77076 or close to it. Im on probation for 5 years with 4 left, and im trying to atleast stay out so i can have my baby in the right environment. I have a anger managment class that i have for classes left to go......and i currently dont have a way. If anyone can help me pls I would be so grateful. I dont have a job, but really dont want to have my baby in jail if im able to finish my four classes i will be ok so can someone pls  pls pls consider helping me. I have to see my p.o on the 11th of this month. I can explain more over the phone. I stay on the northwest side of town....................I just want my baby to have his proper check ups and acess to an emergency room if needed and im not so sure he wil be well monitered in jail.

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