I am very sorry that I haven't been on for awhile.  I have been really busy.  I feel like I have ran a marathon in the kast week now.  And things here at work has not been going very well.  My boss has been finding the smallest things to dog me out .  She has just been really cranky, which is making my job less likable.  I was really starting to like this job and i started to feel like I am paart of the big picture .  If that makes any since.?

    Stacey and I are finally back together,  he got everything taken care of with both his fines.  Which that was the reason why we seperated to begain with.  Oh well.  I guess i better go.  I won't be on again until tomorrow night.  Then on Monday afternoon when my cable and internet gets finally put in then I will be on more to chat with all of you.  I miss everyone and i hope that all of you are doing very well.

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