today is day 22 here oif all goes well on hubbys end today, meanining he stays flat on back no probs he will get out of his roto bed tomorrow PLEASE GOD  he will then b taken off paralytic start waking up, wed all goes well he will have another surgery a tracheotomy, im starting to have relly bad dreams where he tells me he love me but he cant stay with me , which i dont knwo y im just startybg thise, im hoping is just cuz im worried bout the surgery,,,, after the trach i guess will just n moore wait and see , somewhere down lone they will start looking at heart to see damage from heart attack,, i qwnt to get bill so far yes over 450 grand and i was thinking sweiously mailing to the White House saying this is y we need affordable ins we have no med so huess what either the gont is gonna have to pay or hosp will absorb it, he is hard worker he just isnt provided ins from job, he is in cont so u want my bote candidate do  us favor end this bs where so many cit are uncovered, i mean this is the richeset country, we rebuild we take care of other countries, wake up hello take care of your own damn cit  citizens for once huh , the bill here will reach in millions b4 he can get out of here  and to think of that makes me sick, at least thank god even though we have no med he is getting excelent care,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, onnly one other hosp in the state said to b better. Thank you to the emts that got him here, the docs that worked for 7 hors to save him. the nurses that r constantly haveing to b in his room, the docs keeping him going, and mostly THANK YOU  GOD i feel you here and the more i think of it im thinking i know y now and I understand completley< though not saying im not still scared but i think i grasp y this had to happen and I hope he gets the chance to understand as well

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 6:19 AM

Big hugs. I hope you get somewhere with the medical expenses. That is so hard. My husband is a dairy farmer and we too don't have coverage right now, even though he busts his butt!

Have you considered holding a jamboree/benefit for him in your local community to help? Or maybe set up some change jars at local stores with his pic, what happened and that he was uninsured. Every little bit helps.


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Feb. 2, 2008 at 6:48 AM jars were set up in our town that ame evenining thanks to one of his friends, his dads fav breakfast place gave 100 for some of my expenses here,   which was much appreciated, i have 3 young sons that live with us and i miss them so much i have seen them 3 tumes sunce this happened  i have never been way from this this long and i thin thats another part of y i am so damn depressed,, if only we can see what the future holds for us huh as of right now he shouold b starting his 24 hours on bak and im sending him good thoughts, hes a strong man I know he can do this, and no matter what the outcome i will b here for him I love you Terry xoxooxoxoxo

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