Well, I got to the point that I started to wonder what I was gonna be able to do. I went to H&R Block and paid my 28 bucks to get the paper to send tothe IRS called and Injured Spouse Form. It basically says the money in the return is not my DH;s income, it is mine. It cost me 5 bucks to send it to the IRS so it will be Cerified and ect.

Then I called the IRS offset number that the H&R ppl gave me. It gave me the number of the agency that is claiming my return. SO I called them too. I talked at length with this nice womanwho told me she didnt know why my taxes where being offset as the case between my DH and his EX was closed in 2003 with NO ARREAGES. HUM.....

So I got a few more numbers from her and called a few more ppl and then got my DH to do some talking. He tends to get mad and yell on the phone. He gets hung up on alot. LOL Me on the other hand...I can POUR on the crappy sweet nice polite until I need hipwaders with a jerk who isn;t listening. More flies with Honey right??

So I poured it on and guess what?? They admited they made a mistake, that there shouldn't have been a offset, that there was as communication deficit between two counties in the computer files. They have applied to drop the offset with the IRS.


But, I still can't get my return until the IRS *PROCESSESS* it. I will get it in 14 weeks. DARN. OH WELL!! At least it will be coming back to my wallet eventiallly, and not hers right?

Once I calmed down, stopped being red in the face, apologised to GOD for ranting at HIM and being mad at HIM, and asked for HIS help....It all fell into place.

GOD rules.


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Feb. 2, 2008 at 7:20 AM

Out of curiosity- do you have any supporting documents that she gave up parental rights to her parents? It should be public property at a courthouse somewhere-- and if you still have the documents from reporting her for falsely taking payments & the dropping of the child support in the past case, you should be able to prove your case with social services.  Contact your local legal aid office & see if you can get help... and now that your SS is of age & out from under his Grandparent's thumb- you should be able to get him to come live with you.
Check into your state's standing on the "age of majority"-- when my mother and my sis's father were divorced, we girls were told that when we reached the age of 12, we could choose who we wanted to live with & if we wanted to visit the other parent or not.... this was in Kansas in the 70's.
You may have more legal leg to stand on than you know of... good luck & keep posting updates!

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 7:22 AM Oh Yeah-- btw- you are also able to file for taxes online at the www.irs.gov website for free-- if you meet the income requirements, which it sounds as if you do... I worked for HR block for a season, and am astounded & thrilled that you came away with such a low cost of filing! LOL

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 7:50 AM

I do have the documents that support where she signed a guardianship agreement with the grandparents, but it was temporary. It was supposed to be for one year. He lived with them for 9 years. I also have the papers where she vollentarilly signed away her right to receive any child support from my DH because my SS was not residing with her. That was in 2003. Even if she picks him up and moves him in with her at a later date, she stillcannot refile for support after she has denied it. It is a permanent order infront of a judge.

As for the tax thing, the 28 bucks as for one peice of paper. LOL

It wasn't for the the taxes en whole. I paid for that already the day before when I had my taxes done. 

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