Some of you might have seen that I wrote a thought bubble that I was pregnant.  Well I miscarried.  I was only like 5 weeks along, so since this was like my 4th m/c, I'm not totally torn up about it.  I ran around on the 25th, getting rhogram shot set up.  Too fun!  Of couse that same day, I also caught that wonderful cold/flu virus thing that's been going around.

Monday the 28th, Emily had an appointment for her spine.  We were hoping there wasn't an increase in the degree of her curvature, unfortunately, there was.  The good news is it wasn't enough for them to want to do anything yet.  So we're still just waiting.  Of course, the longer we wait the better things will be for her.  For example, they (Shriners) had an agreement with Temple Hospital for procedures etc - at least until they closed which was last October.  Due to Emily's heart condition they'll need a special anethesologist to do her surgery, so the Dr. we were hoping would do the surgery - may not because of logistics.  However, they're working with another hospital in the area on getting agreements in place that may allow him to do it.  The other thing is recovery.  We were hoping that maybe she could recover at Shriners.  They're hoping to have a brand new ICU in place by June this year.  Of course the technology keeps changing.  They have a new version of the "machinery" that would be placed in her that just came out.  So who knows how much more advance technology will be when she actually needs the surgery!

Friday the 1st, Emily had her cardiologist appointment.  At her last appointment in September, they said they may have to do a cath procedure to dilate her stent if her numbers went up from where they were and if the cath procedure didn't work, then the conduit replacement would have to take place.  Good news, they numbers haven't changed since September!  They're hoping she'll make it to 2- 2 1/2 years before they'll have to replace the conduit.

So overall good news.  Now if I could get all my tax stuff in place so I can file and get money back. :)

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 8:23 AM

I'm so sorry to hear you miscarried!!!  What a tragedy!   All of you and the little one, are in our prayers!!!!! 

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