...I happen to feel very sorry for her and her family.  I used to think she was just a fame hog and loved the paparazzi and the spotlight but in the last few months of news coverage on her I began to really feel sorry for her.  I read on the internet this morning (on a regular new outlet non the less) that her father and mother were granted conservatorship over her and her financials.  The court issued a restraining order against that reporter guy who is hanging on her and gave her family permission to change the locks on her estate and remove anyone who is staying there.  Obviously the courts must see this man as a leach or someone who is taking advantage of this mentally ill girl and her money.  Every time I see a news story I think how sad it is that no one is trying to help her when she is obviously not firing on all four cylinders.  I am so glad her family finally took steps to get her help.  The boys see this on the news and used to think she was cool or radical but now even my youngest thinks something is wrong with her.  My baby boy asked me a few days ago "mommy how come she has so much money and nice cars can has so many problems?"  I used the opportunity to talk to him about how money doesn't buy you happiness.  Even at 7 years old he knew enough to see she had a problem.  By the way my baby boy will be 8 on the 28th of this month! 

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 8:30 AM I completely agree with you.   I feel sorry for her and wish that the relentless hounding of her would stop for awhile.  No matter what you think of her, you have to empathize with her for losing her kids.  After all of that, who wouldn't go a little crazy?

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 12:19 PM I completely aggree also,     I think that she must have had some type of post partum after the first boy, and got pregnant so soon after that her mind never got time to ease.      After the first boy if she did have postpartum, then the whole media frenzy calling her a terrible mother, and by that time she was pregnant again.    NO WONDER she insane.        If I had cameras and spies around me 24-7 reporting my mothering skills, I'm sure they would have plenty negative stuff to report on.                    When everyone raggs on her I just have to remind people, SHES CRAZY!, shes not mentally stable, of course shes going to do crazy things like go to the gad station twice a day for cigarettes just so the media goes crazy.      she's mental, cut her some slack.                        I was just thinking PLEASEE someone help her for goodness sake.     She's going to hang herself.                  SO glad she finally let her family take that roll, she needs someone who genuinely cares for her, helping her.

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 1:15 PM I'm afraid if they all don't leave her alone shes gonna be the next one on the news, someone saying they found her dead. Hopefully she can get control over her life again one day. I feel so sorry for those little boys.

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