Is when ppl tell others crap abt you to make them look good or tell others ppl things to make their own selves look impressionable...I can't stand liers, backstabbers, ppl that can't be their own person or have their on lives, bulls***ters, if you have something in your life that has been great or has an impression than great congrats, if you've accomplished something in your life..that's even did it yourself, but damn don't throw crap out there and make yourself look or think you're making yourself look good for others to like you or in hopes they like you...that's no way to make friends...

Ok everyone is wondering where is she getting this from right?? Well, actually a bunch of places or ppl...but I am not going into any long drawn out details, and there's just more than one person I'm just not going to name any names or situations.

Furthermore, I can't stand ppl to tell me I need to get out and make friends when this phone and email are more for me even though all or  most are out of state, I can't stand for ppl to say I'm NOT going to do this and that if SHE'S not going to do it, when I don't do what they do to begin with at all....and to sit there and say I'm not worth it...whatever!!!

Most of you can gather I'm talking abt men in general, but the first paragraph goes for every single person out there...everyone needs to be their own person, stop tryin to have other's life..make your own!!!

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 8:35 AM Couldn't agree more.

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