After much debate, I am doing something I have never done:  Please vote this popular.  Everyone needs to see what Mississippi is attempting to do.  Thank you. 

First, I would like to thank Shell81 who posted a journal about the saggy pants law.  It has gotten some comments from people that kinda make me wonder who is voting 'yes' in her poll.  BTW, in case you were wondering, a yes vote means you agree that the local governments can pass a law that makes it illegal to wear your pants saggy and over-sized.....with your boxers showing.  Now, before you start telling me how much you hate that style, ask yourself this:  If I don't like your 'style', should the government ban it?  We have this ban where I am.....quite the debate went on in the newspaper forums.

Then came the smoking ban.  Oh, non-smokers jumped on the bandwagon.  Go government!  Protect my right to breathe clean air.  Well, again, my opinion didn't count, because the gov't passed the "No smoking in any restaurant or business" law.....without a vote.  Now....I know how many non-smokers are out there.  But before you start on the "I have rights not to breathe your smoke" comments, consider something for a moment.  If you own a business, isn't that YOUR property?  Do you not ALLOW the public to frequent YOUR property in the hopes that you will make money?  If you choose to sell something that the public doesn't want, won't you lose business and eventually go out of business?  The arguments for this act from non-smokers was that they have the right to clean air.  NOT ONE said that they ever walked into a restaurant, saw that they allowed smoking, told management that they were not going to give them their business because of the smokers, and then LEFT.  I asked.  Not one would admit that they had left.  They continued to complain how one person could ruin the whole restaurant.  Fine.  Exercise your RIGHT to leave!  This country operates on the law of supply and demand.  If the business owner sees that they lose business because they allow smoking, they have a choice to make.  Just like if they play certain music on the loudspeakers or offer certain products.....if they lose business, they will change these things....on their own property.  This was about government telling us what we can do in our own businesses, taking away our rights to operate freely.  Despite what people think, a restaurant is NOT a public building.  It is a privately owned (even McDonald's, it may be owned by LOTS of shareholders, but it is NOT a government property) business.  **Please note before you yell.....most hospitals are public buildings.  Post offices, court buildings, etc....the govt can ban smoking there all they want.

Now someone posted this link in our newspaper forums.  I thought it was a sarcastic, ironic way.  You see, those of us against the saggy pants ban and the smoking ban (and not all of those wore saggy pants or were smokers) tried to say that this was going to happen.  And we were told that we were imagining things, we were conspiracy nuts, we were exaggerating.  Well, here it is in all it's glory.  Check out this link.


Before you tell me what I already know, yes, this will never pass.  But WE OPENED THE DOOR FOR THIS!!!  We sat back and allowed the govt to pass laws controlling what we wear, what we do in our private homes and businesses.  And, because we didn't like the things that they were banning, we said "This doesn't hurt me, so what's the big deal?  I get what I want.  I don't have to look at those stupid kids wearing those stupid, over-size pants.  I don't have to ever be around an evil smoker.  I don't have to worry about it anymore."  Well, this law may not pass this time, but what about next time?  All it takes is ONE city council, one county, one state to manage to get this stupidity by the voting body of their govt......and the entire country will be banning Snickers bars.  I can see it now.  People who have been labeled "obese" by the government will be standing outside of McD's begging a skinny teenager to buy them a QP value meal.  Super-size fries. 

Yes, sounds ludicrous, doesn't it?!!?  But is it really that impossible to believe?  Do we really want to let the government do this?  Isn't this America?  There are people who are risking their lives to come here for the very freedoms that we are letting the government take away from us.....starting with the ones you don't like.  What happens when it's one you do?  Unfortunately, ladies, I think Big Brother has arrived.

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 8:45 AM Big brother has been here.

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 8:48 AM

Thank you Big Brother for letting me smell & taste the food that I pay for at the restaurants and thank you for protecting my children's asthmatic lungs.

I agree somethings are silly but sorry, I support the smoking ban 100%

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 8:52 AM momwteens, let me ask you a question.  Doesn't it bother you that there was no VOTE on the smoking ban?  I'll be honest, I rarely smoked in a restaurant before the ban.  If there had been a vote, I would have gotten out and expressed my opinion.  If my opinion had not won, I would have never complained.....the public voted.  Ok, yes, I complain about the president and the public voted there, too.  But my biggest problem is that they took these rights.  Took them, didn't allow us to govern "by the people". 

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 8:56 AM

I will never thank "Big Brother" for stealing my rights & freedoms.  To support bans like this strips the rights of one group in favor of another.  Most will not complain until YOU are the one losing your rights.

Great post!

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 9:11 AM

Actually voting would have been nice as a American citizen.

There are other issues out in our government that we have no vote, such as abortion. That was not voted upon ( this was the 1st thing I could think of) a choice to make it legal is mandated in the United States Supreme court so that would have been nice to vote on also, if your view is different on making abortion legal. Just a thought. I understand the decision to make abortion legal has made abortion safe for women. Women now can make a safe choice about her pregnancy.

Banning smoking make us safe from second hand smoke that causes cancer, something that I can choose to do or not in the appropriate place.

Did we Vote? No but now every one has a choice and before the ban non-smokers did not have a choice but had to put up with it, sometimes this stuff happens in government.

Women now have a choice about their body.

Both are to have a healthy environment for whatever your choice may be.

But I do have to say "we have come a long way baby"

I do think you have a good point, I can see both sides.

I choose non-smoking

It is ok to have your opinion and I respect you for that.

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 9:20 AM

By the way my rights were taken away from me when I sat at a restaurant with my family in the non-smoking section that I choose and waited the extra time for to be there just to smell someones smoke coming across our table.

My rights were reinstated. Given back. Not stolen. Thanks to our government.


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Feb. 2, 2008 at 11:44 AM

First off GReAT post! I can always count on you to bring the issues not petty indiffrences just to get a brawl going!

Now i agree that the saggy pants should hav been put out to the PEOPLE but ufortunately the way things are looking we don't have a say the govt is fighting for  control as i see (JMO) evryone ha their own opinion and unfortunately more of this i going to happen should we the PEOPLE allow it.

Now this BS about not serveing someonewho is me this says harassment..sounds like a lawsuit in the making....I agree that it will never get off the floorbut just the fact that someone or some people smoked bad crack for lunch and was able to bring it t the floor is amazing....ridiculous but amazing... so on that not again i say great post! Great debate!! Nice to see a clean healthy discussion with no mud slinging...

p.s. someone oughtta take the drug dealer dealin the bad crack those politicians had for lunch off the street! have a great day!       

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 10:58 AM Great post and you hit the nail on the head.  I wrote a blog once about "I can't smoke at work but the jerk next to me can fart all he wants" lol.  Id rather smell cig smoke than a fart lol.  Thanks for the post.  Barb

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