We bought a new car!!!! We are so pumped!! We purchased a 2008 Ford Focus!! I mean, come on have you seen these new Focuses? They are awesome!! They look nothing like the old ones! I am so madly in love with this car lol!! Things are awesome!

My new job has been going great!! I absolutely love it! I mean who wouldnt want to work at a baby store....hint*hint*!!!! School is great 3 one hundreds so far....yea go me!

Jordan has a basketball today, I am sure we will win...after all...Gary is the best coach around!! lol

I hope every-ones weekend is a blessed one!! We are having a Super Bowl party at my moms house on Sunday which I am just so pumped about as well!!!  Go Giants!!!!

Sending blessings and prayers to all!! Love you gals!!!

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