ok so Wed night I was not feeling right ... but did not believ it had to do with the baby ... so Thursday still feeling off and thinking I have a UTI or bladder infection more specificly ... Friday I call the Ob's office and the NP has me come right in ... I got to hear the babies FHB again (music to my ears) and then she did a urine test ... she called me later to let me know there is a tiny trace of blood in my urine so boost up the fluid intake ...

BUT she tells me while I am in the office that the baby has a hematoma on the placenta (which I know it not uncommon at this stage)  she tells me I may have some staining as a result of it and that is normal ... BUT that brings her to my RH factor ... I am RH- and according to my blood work done back on the 17th, it shows that I have been exposed to another human blood type ... I told her that I remember being told in teh hospital that I had a mix with Carys (who is RH+) and she asked if I had gotten Rhogam and I said I assumed I had and she said that could be WHY this is showing up in my blood ... she did not seem too concerned about it ...

well on the 21st of Feb. we are having some testing we opted for and now it seems this has worked out for the best since the Maternial Fetal Specialist can fill us in on this RH Factor stuff in more detail (my NP did not want to give me any info that could be false, in our case)

I'm sure all of this is nothing to worry about ... but it's just more than I really wanted to hear



my NP called and said the cultures came back fine (PHEW) and the pain could be related to the c-section scaring as well as sciatica (GREAT, this early) .. I go to see teh Maternal Fetal Specialist on the 21st , so they will be able answer my questions about the RH-factor and this baby ...



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Mar. 5, 2008 at 10:36 PM what happened with the fetal specialst? did they say anyhting yet about being rh+ in your blood.

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