I've been dating Michael since September. We've known eachother for years and I never even considered dating him before. He was one of my brother's best friends and is 3 years younger than me. After losing contact for about 10 years, we started talking again through FaceBook. Things just went from there and we ended up falling in love.

Michael is one of the sweetest guys I've ever met. He's everyone's friend. This is a good thing and a bad thing. I have a massive jealousy problem. I get pissed off whenever he gets texts or messages from other girls. Most of these girls are ones that he's known for years. Some of them are exes though and some he's slept with. I guess those are the ones that bug me the most. The only ex I still have contact with is my ex husband and that's just because we have 2 kids together.

I know that Michael would never hurt me. He reassures me every day that he loves me and doesn't wanna be with anyone else. He says "if I didn't really wanna be with you, do you think I'd be here now, getting attached to your kids?" I know he's right. Half the time he doesn't respond to these girls and if he does, it's just friendly chatter. He's not hitting on them, he's not denying that he has a girlfriend, it's really all innocent.

I get insanely pissed though if other girls hit on him. He gets tons of messages from girls on MySpace and MyYearbook. Both profiles state that he is in a relationship but I guess these girls don't care. He either doesn't respond to them or just keeps it very friendly. Doesn't respond to their flirtations and talks about me at times.

I know that I have a problem. My jealousy is really going to ruin my relationship. We got into a huge fight last night because I saw that he commented on a chicks picture with "Wow". It was just a picture of her body, he head was cut off. I sort of flew off the handle. Now that I think back on it, I totally overreacted. Yes, it hurt my feelings but I know that he wouldn't leave me or cheat on me, he was just commenting on a picture. She had commented on a couple of his (with things such as "Damn, you are so f-ing sexy") and he was returning the favor.

I know that the reason behind this is my marriage. My ex husband met his now fiance at work but never really talked to her. Then they found eachother on MySpace. He started spending hours on the computer talking to her and I trusted him when he told me he was talking to old Military buddies. I'm so paranoid of something like that happening again so I constantly ask Michael who he's talking to or what he's doing. It's not fair to make him pay for what my ex husband did to me.

I seriously need to get over this. He's gonna end up taking off and it's gonna be all my fault, not some other girls. If any of you have gone through something similar or have something to say that might give me a wakeup call, please, say it!!! I need a reality check!

Oh and it is much worse when I'm not on my anti-depressant. I can notice a huge difference in my attitude and how I respond to things. I've been off my meds for a week because I was extremely sick and just stopped taking them. Bad idea. I'm going back on today!

Thanks in advance for any advice or input you may have!!!! =]

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 9:33 AM I'm sending a hug because any advice I would have had, you already said.  You know that you just have to trust him.....not always easy considering your history.  And it sounds like he's very understanding.  Look at it this way, whenever you take him out, you can look at those women who stare with the "Yeah, this is mine!" look on your face, lol!  Just don't hit anyone!!!

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 9:39 AM I do know how you feel, I did feel the same way as you...without the myspace and all.  I really don't know how I stopped being that way.  Sometimes I feel it rising up again but I just ignore it and realize that I am the s^%t and if he wants someother, go on and get her.  I can handle my own.  I think it all changed when I had my son.  You have been hurt and it will take some time for you to trust again, as was I.  Just try to not make any comments about any of those things, if you can, I know that is very hard.  That wasn't much help, I'm sorry....

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 6:33 PM Hi I was so jealous of Shane and it almost ruined our relantionship. Yes some girls dont get men are taken and just crave attention. I went off my meds and become very sick.... now iam better. I hope you feel better.

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