My husband , his two brothers, & niece, My oldest all play World of Warcraft. I felt left out so I opened my mouth & inserted my fooot all the way. I said can I make a player & play. Of course they help me make it, & we played for 2 hrs. MY hubby & oldest were fighting on how I was to play. plus 1 of my brother-n-laws were on- line so he was helping to. But I spent more time get mad at being between my family here that I just sat there & they played my player. Help what I get in to. I guess I thought it would be a way in to thier little world of play. Because my daughter is always wanting to get on line & play. my hubby is up late playing after he gets home at night. So here I thought was a way to spend more time with them with something they like. But I hope the argueing stop fast.

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