I guess I decided that maybe writing about how I feel day by day would help me fell alittle better...let out my stress I guess...I think when I'm most happ is when I am home with my family. Waking up on Saturday mornings with JJ, getting to take my time and play with him and just enjoy being his mom. And when Jeff gets off work its even better. All of us just haning out in our living room, spending time together. We don't even have to actually be doing anything...that's the best time for me. And I just hope some day soon that everyday can be like that. A 9-5 job is just not my style and doesn't make me happy...or make me money haha. By the time I pay the mortgage, bills, and babysitter I'm broke again...it's just an evil circle I go through! After sitting down and figuring out all the odds and ends..at the end of the day I can actually say I could work 3 days a week and make a $1 less than I make now and stlll make more than I do now without paying a sitter....so that's what I'm doing...finding something that can pay the bills but allow me more time to be with JJ...wish me luck!

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 8:06 PM i hpe everything works out..i know how hard it is to leave your baby everyday..i would never be as strong as you are to get through that....good luck!

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