The Casting Crowns song "Praise You in the Storm" is one of Natalee's favorites.  I was thinking about  that song as I was listening to her sing it, and I just had to write another post regarding my previous post about her medical journey.  We are so fortunate to find that God has really prepared us in so many ways for the situation He has us in.  So even though it seems like things are happening either fast or slow to us, looking back at things and events that have happened, we are already seeing God's perfect timing in our lives.  I am a new single mom, and if I were still married to Natalee's father, I would not have had the way to get to the ER in another town or the money to support us once we got there.  Also, I had just received a tax return that was in my savings and I had decided not to spend it.  If Natalee needs surgery or an extended hospital stay, or if I need to miss a lot of work, then I will not be worried about the financial aspect of these events.  Also, they go to the Christian school where I work, which is really more like a huge family.  Then of course our church family, and my huge wonderful family.  Also, her father's parents live in the town where the hospital and specialists are, so if we ever need a place to stay we have one.  So even though Natalee is having to go through so much, we are so blessed in so many ways.  So the support system and the love and prayers are just phenomenal.  And my other daughter Emilee has so many people wanting to help keep her busy and having fun as well.  I am so blessed for such wonderful friends.  I have a "Dream Team" made up of 3 close friends and my sister that I have given them Emilee when I need to be away.  Yesterday when I had to leave work to take Natalee to the ER, it was a half day at school so I did not have a lunch for her, and our principal actually went and got a lunch for her and she stayed in after school care (which she loves but never gets to do) until my sister got there. Emilee is usually my shadow, so I know she will have a huge adjustment if I need to be away.  Thank you God for giving me people who love her so much and she loves them.  My sister will bend over backwards to make things right.  My best friend Claudell will too, even saying she will come and spend the night at my house with Emilee (we live with my parents but they both work at night).  Emilee has never even spent a night away from home, not even at my sister's house who lives next door!  Claudell has two wonderful daughters who are older than Emilee, and they are like big sisters and are wonderful role models and good examples.  Then there are Gretchen and Shelley, who not only work with me, but their daughters are in Emilee's class and the girls also have dance together.  What a blessing!  And Emilee loves them too.  Such wonderful, caring, Christ-like families that I know and love.  Then my mom has been with Natalee and I every step of the way, even though I know she gets so tired.  And my dad comes home on the weekend, and that gives Natalee someone knew to play with and love on her.  I wish her father were more doting, but I can't expect what in not in his nature.  He calls to check on her and talks to her on the phone, and sometimes he comes to watch TV with her.  She is just happy with any time he gives her.  We are very truly blessed indeed.

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