That's waht happens when your 15 yr old, who has had his retainers for THREE WEEKS tells you he broke one, and the orthodontist's office says to bring the molds and $145 in to replace it.

The child got a new butthole out of it......

Then he got lucky----turns out his gums were still swollen from taking off his braces so they had to make a new mold and retainer anyway so it would fit properly. No cost.

So Chris said "will ya lay off now mom?"

 And he was told----nope, that's my job. Then I told him yeah I would lay off on that issue.

On a good note--3.8 for his semester average; he made all county orchestra, and he is supposed to be concertmaster next year in orchestra. Not to mention the college material he himself has sent off for is starting to roll in.

 Now if I could only get him to clean his room on his own.

Ben got a 3.6 on this six weeks grades---a very low B in Spanish 1 caught my attention and he is under orders to bring it back up to at least a high B. He turned in his schedule requests for next year--he will be a freshman, as well as the recommendations from every teacher to place him in any applicable honors classes. YAY!!!!! Chris is also in the honors program---starting AP classes next year.......

Shellie just blows me away. She grought her kindergarten report card home and it is full of checkmarks and check plusses--as good as it gets for that grade, I think. She is top of her class, and is blowing the little boy next door away with how good she is.   She is reading Junie B. Jones chapter books and he refuses to read the little 6-8 page handouts with 2-3 words apiece on them. My neighbor is at her wits end with him and his brother--both her stepsons---her kids are pulling 4.0's without any help from her, b/c she is always dealing with the other 2. So the other night she let her husband deal with his oldest son--the 4th grader---is he is now grounded for life until he gets his act together, b/c dad now sees that he is not doing his work or studying.  

I've done that before. I do not accept C's, D's or heaven forbid, F's. My kids are fully capable of making A's and B's with minimal effort at times, so therefore I demand that of them. My parents did the same for me and my brother. I told the boys that I expect A's, will accept B's, and will only tolerate a C if I have seen they have done everything they can possibly do to achieve a higher grade. . But the reason I don't accept C's is that usually in my observances, it means that they have not put the required effort into the class--i.e. not turning work in, being sloppy with it............not keeping track of when their assignments are do and how to do them........

Tough?  Hell yes. Gotta be........They have high goals and the grades are a big part of getting to their goals. Plus I cannot abide slackers. I am not going to support these kids the rest of my life when they are bright and fully capable of doing so themselves. 

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