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So I filed my taxes and am getting a big chunk back from Fed and a failrly nice amount from poor hubs owes $1 to state...thats right a dollar! HAHA

So with this big chunk i should have it in 9-14days...which im hoping comes before the 29th of the month... remember collection agency post...well im hoping that my return comes before I make that good faith payment and hopefully the lady really can reduce it to the amount she said she possibly could...i mean i can make that pmt even before the good faith im hoping for the best...that debt will be cleared up...then i can make a down pmt on my cc debt and then make monthly pmts on that and have it paid hoping in 6months...Im goal is to have to my debt paid by the end of i think i have plenty of time. 

with the other part of my return i want to get a dinning room table for 6...yes extra chairs...i also want to get a boster type seat that goes on to the chairs for ravyn...and somthing also like that for slade. (do they make converter seats i wonder i will have to check it out more) the high chair we have has out lived its life..i think 5 years is  agood life! Lol

 i also want to get more toys...ravyn has a lot of things, but not real toys like learning type things..interaction toys, puzzles...ect...and the other big ticket thing is a new 360...ours is about to eat the dust...but with the trade it wont be that expessive....i dont feel bad about blowing it because over half is going to pay my debt so i deserve a treat lol

im also praying that that economic stimulas check gets passed! I could use that extra money just to store away...i mean stimulate the economy

im also looking into finding a home i would like to move into a house sometime in 2010...or only takes 2yrs for your credit score to get to a good level...or so im told! im feeling good about getting my life back on track! lol after two kids! haha im finally growing up! LOL 

if my calculations are right i will still have some money to stach from my returns. so im like on cloud 9 right now! 

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