Well my neighbor is an older guy. He LOVED Vic. They were always out there talking a joking when Vic lived here. It's been just about 3 years and he seems not to care for me. LOL HE HATES my dog!! Whenever she's outside he yells at her and throws grass at her stuff like that. He ws out with the snow blower. I let Emma out. She barked at him cuz she hates the noise. She barks at the vacuum, and blender and hairdryer and the lawn mower. She can't help it. She a DOG!! You know what he did?? He blewsnow on her from the machine!! I heard her yelp a little and was like "Did he just do that? NO it was an accident" Right? Wrong! She ran up to the front fence and was barking at some people walking by. He walked right over there with his snow blower and blew more snow on her!!! JERK!! I was yelling at m but he couldn't hear me. Emma ran back in the house all scared and shaking! GGRRR!!! Like a half an hour later I hear a truck honking honking honking!! Right? I rush to the front window cuz I am thinking someone is gonna get hit or something. I look out and there is my 67 year old neighbor with his snow blower right by the road. A huge plow truck is honking at him and he doesn't move so What happened?? LMAO He got a whole bunch of snow dumped on him.!! Karma is a *itch huh??

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 10:42 AM I LOVE IT!!!!!!  Yep what goes around comes around - for sure! 

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