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I'm FUNNY, Darnitall!

Oh yeah.  The last time I got into the car to go someplace I went to David's Market.  Actually, that's where I was going the last five or six times I got into the car!  My kids like to go to David's because they can run around and play a bit in there--small town, small store, everybody knows me there--which they certainly can't do at Wal-Mart!

When I go into David's all the checkers greet the kids by name.  Usually, when I'm going to check out the kids have vanished into the middle distance so I have to "page" them "HEY NIGEL AND MARYJANE!!!! I'M LEEEEAVING!!!!!"  The checkers all get a chuck out of that.

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 4:44 PM We love Davids TOO!!!

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