So seriously I think I might be losing my mind. My almost 8 month old is still refusing to sleep through the night. I think I could handle if he only woke up once but it's still a few times a night. I'm going out of my mind at night. I get so angry when he wakes up I don' t know what to do. He goes to bed around 7 and goes to bed like a dream. Really no fussing or anything. But then after that it's all over. He wakes up anywhere from 10-11:30 but most nights it's around 10:30, I nurse him then he goes back to sleep and wakes up anywhere from 3-4:30. After that he is up again at 6:30 and he's pretty much up after that. During the week I'm getting up at 7 to get my 3 1/2 yo up and to school and Lain is the lightest sleeper I've ever seen so he doesn't go back to sleep once brother is up! But here is my delima. I've been trying to get him to just go back to sleep when he wakes up at 10:30 for about a week now and that has been going good EXCEPT now he is waking up at all crazy hours. Last night he woke up a couple times after the 10:30 but I could tell he was still half asleep so I just went in gave him his paci and he drifted back off, until 1. He was really fussy at 1 so I fed him. After that it turned into a complete daze. I think he woke back up at 3 and wanted to nurse. I brought him in bed with me at this point thinking I could fall back asleep while he nursed but now all of a sudden he doesn't want to be in my bed. After he is done nursing he starts fussing and wants back in his bed. Which is good in away but also I've been co-sleeping and it's been nice to just roll over when he wakes back up. Now I have to put him back in his crib to go to sleep and he woke up AGAIN at 4:30. Seriously, I think I wanted to jump out my window. I'm at my wits end. I've been trying to start him on solids so he has a little more filling in him at night but he is just not interested. So I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! He is such an angle during the day and is so good except for this. WTH am I suppose to do?! I try to let him cry, but we have a small house and I'm afraid he is going to wake my 3yo. Plus the rage just builds when I lay awake in my bed listening to him cry. This is putting a huge strain on my hubby too.

I just needed to get this all out. I try to keep telling myself that this too shall pass....but hurry up already! I never went through this with my first son so I think that makes it even more frustrating. I SOOOO need my sleep at night. And it's SOOOO frustrating to finally think it's "safe" to go to sleep and 20 mins later you are woken up by crying.

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 5:01 PM

poor mama! :( could it be that it's now learned behavior? what I mean is, it sounds like he's on a "routine' if you will. Are you nursing him b/c he's hungry? or because that helps him go back to sleep? Have you tried just putting a paci in his mouth when he cries at 10:30 and leaving the room? You may not use the CIO method, but I do and it works for me. Now, when my son cries, I run upstairs, give him a paci and leave the room and he drifts back off to sleep. I see that you don't want to wake your 3 year old, but I bet ya he'd fall back to sleep once awake if you go in his room and pat him or something. I dunno, I'm not a baby expert or "whisperer," I'm just saying what I would do.

hang in there! I wish for a good night sleep for you!

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 8:48 PM
hey stacy!! i think the other mom who left a comment before me may have a valid question-is it a learned behavior?  where is his crib?---> in your room? im assuming it is because i can imagine how piercing his cries would be after a bit of tears in the middle of the night and only a few feet away.. could he be put in another room? i dont know if your opinions on the CIO method have changed at all (mine have slightly since having eli... i dont know that i think its the absolute best? i used it somewhat with eli, but not nearly as much or diligent as i did with wyatt and yet eli sleeps just as well, just as long, and actually, at an earlier age than wyatt did...) but perhaps thats what you need to do with lain? i know that when eli would cry, after going in twice to soothe him and lay him back down, the third time, i wouldnt go in but use the CIO-it worked for us and only took a few nights before he really adjusted and not only slept through the night but learned to self soothe-and without the tears.. but i didnt really like or feel it was best to use CIO as a first line of defense.. ?! at any rate, it did help make the final transitions. and-i know, for wyatt, he will sleep through elis cries. i too was worried in the beginning, when eli was still a newborn and those first few months after, that his cries and sob fests would wake wy-they never did. not once. and trust me-he has given some pretty good performances that i thought for sure would wake the neighbors, let alone wy, and yet-he slept. if youre worried about logan waking maybe you could play soft music for him in his room to shut out some of the tears? close his door a bit at night? im willing to bet that even if logan did wake the first couple nights of lain crying, hed quickly adjust and sleep through it-think of people who live next to train tracks (like us!) that stupid train comes by twice a night and BLASTS its horn for what i swear seems like minutes on end-it is SO freaking loud and somehow, we all sleep through it. it never wakes us-not even eli!-weve completely somehow managed to tune it out-there are times, even when were awake that the train will go by and the only reason we notice is because our stupid dog is howling into the night (he freaking sings, stacy, i swear it-SINGS, every time the train goes by! its hysterical! but absurd.) anyway... i hope he learns to sleep for longer periods-for his on personal satisifaction (babies need sleep!!) and for YOURS-i know how frusterating and tiring it can be when babies dont sleep :(  for four nights in a row it took over two hours for eli to fall asleep because of his teeth-it was so sad.. but by night three, it was less sad, and more maddening!! i felt awful for him, but i was so exhausted (pregnant, two kids, school, plus everyday house work...! yeah-im tired!) i couldnt stand it. it was a very rough few nights. thankfully-hes back on track and adorable with a mouth full of pearly whites! (he has six, with two more getting ready to cut!) best of luck lady love-let me know what you try and how it goes... thinking of you tonight!! (and tomorrow night and the next night and...) 

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 8:25 PM

I wish I had words of wisdom for you, but I DONT..  I do know what you are going thru, because it sounds a little like my life and I feel your pain... I have a 10month old that insists in not sleeping thru the nights... I have come to terms with it by now, but some nights I feel ya,, I get soooo mad, because I am soooo tired... we are up at least twice a night...and yes, it might be learned behavior, and it is hard to break.. I feel that sometimes is more nurse for comfort than anything else, but what can I do... The only thing that keeps me sane is knowing that this stage shall pass and that she is a happy and healthy baby....  I will not let her CIO, for a LOT of reasons..wont go there now...   I have started giving her water at night, to see if she gets the point, but so far, is not working.. if it does at some point, I will let you know..  Hugs for you momma, and you have a very lucky baby!!!

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