Beware:  Loaded Biblical Question!!! Please do NOT shoot the researcher…..I am about to open a HUGE can of worms.  But I need scripture on this and I have not been able to find any in the New Testament. JB and I faithfully, without fault, tithe 10%.  It isn’t even a consideration not to tithe off the paychecks, birthday money, extra money, etc.  We don’t bat an eye.  We have been teaching our children to tithe too.  We went through Crown Financial.  We know lots of scripture in the Old Testament about tithing and giving.   However, Joe had a Bible study with a friend of his.  Several errors were found in our NIV version of the Bible.  For instance “sin nature”.  JB could easily explain the problem with that particular usage of wording but apparently it is not the same word in the Greek.  (Jb’s friend is fluent in Greek and studies a Greek Bible)  The second EXPLOSIVE question that was asked in his Bible study is “Why do we tithe 10% to church?”  They went on to discuss and his friend pointed out that only the Old Testament says to tithe.  The New says to “give cheerfully”.  So JB’s friend gives wherever he feels led to give.  It may be less or more than 10%, whatever the case calls for.  JB is seeking answers on this.  If we are no longer supposed to keep the “laws” of the Old Testament, why are we still being told to tithe by the church?  I need scripture and a lot of it in the New Testament for JB’s research.  (No lectures requiredJ)   We want to obey God.  We are both VERY concerned about cheating God out of His money!  However, we don’t want to be guilty of legalizing this issue.  So hit me with your best Word of God.  I am trying to help him in this research but now it has me questioning this too.   Again, no need to shoot the messenger here!  Just lots of black and white scripture pleaseJ

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Mar. 3, 2010 at 9:40 PM

Hi there. I don't have any scripture to share, but I just wanted to say that as far as tithing goes, I believe we should just give what we feel we can give. I don't think God has any set amount in mind, He knows our heart. I give $20 a month to the 700 Club, and I give whatever amount I have in my wallet when I'm at church...some days it's $10, others it's $20, last week I gave $100. I try to stick with the 10% rule, but I just give what I can, when I can. :)

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