Ok so I am so tired of my 8 yo DD coming home sick....today is Saturday and she woke up sick again.  She has a fever and her tummy hurts. Poor kid has to miss her b-ball game again.  We have already been thru the flu right before Xmas. What now??  I give her vitamins and every thing to try to keep her healthy....all the kids at school are sick too.  I am just worried...I DO NOT want to get sick...I am in enough pain and stressing enough already. 

I am going to say my prayers and hope she gets better soon!!!!!

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Feb. 5, 2008 at 11:53 AM

Hey!  Sounds like my kids!  As soon as they get done with one cold or ailment they're sick with a different one 2-3 days later!  There's so much crud going around, too!  There are only 40 kindergarteners and a couple of weeks ago half of them were gone in one day!!!  All of them out sick!!  It's just been crazy!

I hope you're doing well.  Sounds like you're having a rough time.  I'm sorry.  You're getting closer,t hough, right?  Ready for it to be over? 


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