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1 This is my favorite color.

2. I love Texas.

3. My grand kids are # 1 in my life.

4. The weather regulates my moods.

5.  I love picnics.

6. I love my poodle. she is 12 years old and is active like a puppy.

7. I love femanine things like pink, lace and floral and dresses.

8. sometimes I feel old but most of the time I wonder where did this 50 year old bod come from!!

9. I love to travel and see places I have never seen.

10. I believe one God and his name is Jesus!


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Feb. 2, 2008 at 2:00 PM LOL I'm not a girly is always trying to put pink on me and I think this year..she finally gave  I wear dresses but it has to be really hot out to wear them or a special party to go to. Last time I wore a dress was before my daughter was born and I was a size 16..(boy do I miss that size) I'm a size 24  The only thing I like about pink..when it's on my daughter..she looks so cute in

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