The last time I wrote a journal, I had been taking 2500ml. of this, Since I went to the doctor and he jinxed me, I was laying in bed a week ago and about 4:45am I had severe pain in my stomach and burning.. It brought my knees to my chest, I was rocking back and forth and crying. I pleaded for the good Lord to take me then... As of yesterday, I began getting sick and vomiting. All it was was an asprin tasting acid.. I called ER they told me they looked on my chart and finding I had been taking to much Ibprofin, what was happening was my body was releasing this out of my system and if it went on for another 24 hours to come in and they would have my stomach pumped.. This was something I really was looking forward too. NOT!! 24 hours later, feeling better, Dry heaves have stopped but I feel like My body has been turned inside out..I have learned my lesson.. But one question.. What is one to do when you dont have insurance and no money to go to the doctor and get a prescrip. answer, A poor person goes to the next best pain reliever,,, Ibprofin.

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