I have finaly found a way to stay at home with my kids and make money! I signed up for cashcrate almost 4 months ago. At first I was very leary just like you probably are but then I got paid! An actual check that I was able to cash! It's so simple. All you do is fill out offers and recieve money for doing so. Most of the offers pay $0.50-$1.00 each but they just take a minute or two of your time. Think about it a $0.50 offer that takes just 2 minutes of your time. I know it doesn't sound like a whole lot but lets look at it hourly at $0.50 for just 2 minutes that is the same as earning $15.00 an hour! When I worked outside my home I didn't make anywhere near $15.00 an hour plus I had to have gas to go to work and back, pay a babysitter and lost out on alot of precious time with my kids. Cashcrate has allowed me to stay at home with my kids and make money! Want to make even more money? Cashcrate also has a referal program in which you recieve 20% of what your referals make and 10% of what their referals make. So far each month I have more than doubled my earnings from the month before but most importantly I no longer miss out on precious time with my kids. So why haven't you signed up yet? It's completly FREE you have nothing to loose and everything to gain! Just click on the link to get started  http://cashcrate.com/322332 . If you have any questions feel free to message me.

Here's proof that cashcrate pays

In January I made $150.19 !!!

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