Our last check for the utilities bounced. Our second one to them, so we can no longer pay with a check-only cash. :( We have to pay the late payment by the 10th, and Jan's utilities by the 15th or our utilities will be shut off. It's over $300 and I don't think we can pay for it. Not to mention we have 3 maxed CCs and I owe my mom about $1000. AND, I accidently backed into our fence this morning and busted one of tailights. :( So I have to go get some red tape and fix that. 

I just don't know what's wrong. We weren't this bad off a few months ago. Ugh. I'm going to quit some of my trading groups. We just don't have the money for me to ship things out right now. Thankfully, I have a half.com payment of $50 coming, plus my grandma is buying an adorable Cupcake Tree from Home Interiors, and I just got a MO for $23 from a sale I made here. Oh, and two small sales on MommyAuctions and a lady said she was going to purchase a set of bookends on Etsy as well. :( I wish I could sell one of my diaper cakes. :) That would give me a boost! 

Jesse is being EXTREMELY clinging today. It's driving me CRAZY! He wants to be in mommy's lap constantly. I put on Sandra Boynton's "Blue Moo" CD and he's been dancing for a little bit so it's giving me a break. 

Today I have to get some listings put up, some advertising done, clean up the house a little bit, hopefully I can get exercise into my schedule, plus homework and studying for my make-up test that is on Monday. 

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 1:55 PM i feel the excat same way right now... i will have a journal up of it soon.

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