I was going to pick Rain up from preschool yesterday. After picking her up from school we went to McKean to pay for our angel food from St. Francis Xavier Church. $30 for a boat load of food, not bad I say and I can use my food stamps to pay for it too.  I got the basic unit with is a menagerie of different foods, frozen, dry, refridgeratable, etc. and I got the 6 prime rib steaks for $19. I hope that ear as good as I hope they'll be. It all doesn't come back till after Valentines day(bummer) so Chris will have to wait for his gift.

After Angel food we went to the McKean post office to see if they had any post cards to send the kids(Sapph and the other little girl I was supposed to send one to). All they had were generic ones with postage paid, that were pretty much blank, with a pineapple on them. I said naw. I asked the post man if he knew of anywhere else I might find a post card. He suggested a drug store.

I headed back into Edinboro. Stopped by CVS. Asked if they had any post cards that said Edinboro on them. The guys t the counter said no. I said, "Gee, none that say Hello from Sunny Edinboro?" The woman standing at the counter reading a magazine looked up from her magazine to snicker.

Next we hit the Edinboro post office. They had a few Disney post cards. I got two of those and two post card stamps. I asked the postwoman if she knew of any where I could find a post card that said Edinboro on it. She brightened, Yes, she said in a thick accent, at the campus book store. Cool, I said, well I will but these and then if I don't find any I'll just send the Disney ones. She said I should find an Edinboro one at the book store.

I left the post office(that is like a block away from the college) and drove around the campus trying like hell to find a close parking spot to the book store. The weather was miserable, rainy, sleety, and icy and I had both kids with me, I wasn't walking any further than I had to. Never did find a spot. Finally drove home. I did however call Walmart to see if they had any Edinboro Postcards, They assured me they had a large selection of post cards and that there was most likely at least on Edinboro one.

I may go either today or tomorrow.

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