I am a mother of 2, a 3 year old ( almost 4 ) and a 5 year old. 5 days of the week I do daycare in my home with 10 kids all together. Here is my problem. Last night I was sitting on the couch while my kids played. I had told them several times by now to keep the volume down, they are very loud. Well, 2 minutes later my oldest one lets out a huge squeal and starts to cry cuz her Barbie house tipped over and pinched her finger. Yes it hurt, but they were racing to see who could put it away first so they weren't being careful at all. Anyway, by that time I felt absolutley numb since all they had ben doing is squealing really loud and fighting and just flat out being too loud. After a day full of loud kids and then my two continuing this loud noise into the night, I broke into tears. I cjust couldn't take the noise anymore. I went intomy room and closed the door. My head felt like it was in a vice and just swimming in noise. Between my kids being too loud in the house and my husband turning the tv up to hear I just fell apart. I eel like a terrible mom to fall apart like this. I know they are young kids but how do I make them undersand they can play and have fun at just a much quietier level. Any suggestion???

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 12:20 PM when you find out, let me know please

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