I have really bad hair and i hate to straigten all the time. My hair is so wavy and thick, i cant stand it anymore. Im trying to find easier ways trying to make me hair straight and lasts. I just straighten me hair and it looks good. I always wear my hair up and its damaged by dyes and probaly wearing it up all the time. Also about makeup. I wear the same color everyday, which is a brown, greyish color from mabelline. I want to wear my make up how celebrities do, but dont know how. Im trying to find tips, but i i did do it, it probaly wont look right. Im tired of having the same look everyday. I wish i can go on that lifetime shoe " How to look good naked" just to see how i would look having someone fix me up. I just want a change. Alot of women does. But if anyone has tips or sites to go to let me know. Thanks

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 12:36 PM

there are a few things- and its really easy.

1. for your hair, in order to salvage it, get some VO5 Hot oil treatment. Its not very expensive, and use it everyother day... I know it says only every week, but... when your hair needs it, it will use it. Trust me. I dyed my hair, then bleached it, then chemically straightened it. Big Mistake. My hair turned into little rubber bands and I freaked out. I used VO5 every other day and within a month, it was better. I also use Infisuium Leave In Treatment. That is a little on the pricy side- at least for me (I have a hard time justifying spending $5.00 on a hair product, but thats just me)... I used that on the days that I didnt use the Hot oil... by moisturizing your hair, it will like you more, and cooperate with you more! I straighten my hair- but not every day. I wait, at the most 4 days between hair washing. Serious. I only take the straight Iron to it on days I dont wash it to touch it up... shower cap and all in the shower! LOL. My boyfriend makes fun of me, but my hair likes me for it. Some people have a hard time NOT washing their hair everyday becuase its oily. I had that issue in the beginning.. but over time, I can go 4 days before it starts getting gross. You scalp will adjust. That will help... and also, try not to touch your hair a lot, and dont use a lot of product... I dont use any - only a tiny amount of sealer once its how I like it.

2. for your make up- I found 2 keys- blush, and a good moisturizer. I use clean and clear morning glow moisturizer. At first I hated it becuase it had little speckles of glitter in it (very very tiny though, you can hardly see them), but it helps... my skin looks fresher in the mornings just after puting the lotion on that somtimes I skip foundation and powder. Also, blush adds a real dynamic that for 26 years I never knew about- I used to think I looked retarded with blush on until a friend did my makeup for a Christmas party... it looked so amazing, I had to do it myself, and now, its a step I dont miss. You just have to use a very light hand and just a little dab will do ya! For eyes... its all in preference. I only use a few colors - white, silvery-white, grey and almost black. Every now and again, Ill change the colors to greens or pinks or browns, but not every often. I do switch up the way I lay the colors on though. Somtimes Ill use the silver and black or silver and grey... or the silver and white... it just all depends...



Anyways sorry for rambling... if you have any questions, or want some more hints, drop me a line... happy to help!

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