Are you looking for a true HOME BASED BUSINESS opportunity? Well I was looking for about 1 year,(Even tried a few "scams" ) when I found this one.

I work full time, and want to be home with my family without putting us into a financial downfall, so I went on my search. This is when (after wasting alot of time and money) I found Ameriplan/Freedom at Home Team.

With this company, I am receiving a lot of benefits:

  • I am working for myself on my own time and building my own home based business
  • I do not have to call on friends and family to make my business a success
  • I am receiving all of my training at my desk by phone and online
  • I get all of my contacts through leads..No Cold Calling
  • My family and myself are all covered for free through Ameriplans Dental, Vision, Chiropractic and Pharmaceutical plan
  • I have a AD&D Policy through the company
  • I receive a residual income month after month year after year
  • I am working on qualifying for the company 401K plan
  • I have all of my websites and email I need to run my homebased business through Ameriplan
  • I am not pressured into meeting quotas each month

If you are looking for an opportunity with all of these benefits then you must check out my website and learn more. It is on my website where you can fill out a short form to request a telephone call. I would love to visit with you and help you get started today..

Go to view the benefits we offer through Ameriplan......

Dana Shriver



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