Happy Saturday everyone! It is a beautiful, warm day here in San Antonio today, and I think tomorrow we're supposed to have weather that is equally as good.

Anyway, just thought I'd write a journal about our Super Bowl party preparations.

Every year since about 2000, we've gotten together with our friends and had a big Super Bowl party. It's just our close group friends that we've known for years and it's sort of become tradition, like our yearly trip to Cabo (which we do doing the summer but being that two of us are pregos we may have to postpone this year). Anyway, we have this party every year and this year is no different. Everyone chips in on the food and everything. If anyone wants to bring a friend, they either chip in for that friend or that guest chips in ... that's only fair. The most people we've had is like 40, but I don't think we'll have that many this year. This time we're having the gathering at our friend Josh's house. He just started renting this really nice house sometime last year and he wanted to host the party because he just got a big ol' plasma TV.

So basically us ladies make all of the side dishes and desserts and we let the men deal with what they handle best ... the meat, the beer, and the barbecueing, LOL! I like to try different recipes each year and the Kraft Foods website and magazines (which I highly recommend that everyone subscribe to, they're free!) are like my Holy Grail for recipes. I use them all the time! Most of the recipes are quick and easy which allow for a variation in our dinner, AND they provide the nutrition facts for the recipes which is a plus. The website provides party planning tips as well.

Anyway we always plan out a menu and then make our dishes. This year I have ventured away from the Kraft Foods site a little and I'm trying a recipe that I saw on Good Morning America; Sweet and Spicy Cole Slaw. Everyone on GMA was raving about how good it was so I knew I wanted to give it a try. I'll also be doing a Game Day cake I saw on the Kraft website. The frosting is a cappuchino pudding frosting. Like I need it, but it sounds so darn good! I always test everything out on me and my husband first before giving it to anyone else so I have a cake in the oven now and I'm going do that slaw in a minute. You can get the cole slaw recipe and a bunch of other recipes that were featured on GMA HERE.

The guys are always coming up with new meat rubs and barbecue sauces and they always turn out pretty good, so we just leave the meat to them.

As far as drinks, my friend Kerry and I are trying to find some good fruit juice drink recipes for us since we're both expecting and alcohol is DEFINITELY NOT an option for us. Kraft has a ton of drink recipes on their site that are really healthy. If we don't decide on anything, then I'll make this fruit smoothie that I love, and we'll just sip on those.

If anyone is looking for Super Bowl party supplies, we got ours from our local Party City store. They were selling out of stuff fast so you'd better try to get there ASAP!

As far as the game, I'll be watching and paying attention for the most part. Remember, I have four brothers ... sports are in my blood! LOL! The other ladies watch too, but they generally watch just to see the crazy commercials. Of course we aren't allowed talk too much during the game! There are strict men rules about that! LOL! We'll get our chatter on during halftime or we'll sneak in the kitchen and talk it up some during the game.

Well I've gotta go check on my cake. Happy day before the Super Bowl! LOL!

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 4:39 PM awwww that sounds fun! my husband is working, so its just me and my little men tomorrow! hope you guys have a great time!!

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 5:53 PM That sounds like such a fun tradition!  I can't wait to see all of the great commercials! I hope you have a blast =)

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 5:35 PM Hope you'll have a good time.  The cake idea is great!  I never thought to substitute coffee for water in a chocolate cake!  Interesting.  I like the Kraft magazine idea too.  I just signed up.  We also have Party City stores around in CA.  I went there recently when I gave a baby shower.  They sell cute little baby bottles and Jordan almonds to fill them up with.  They're always a hit.  I put ribbons around the top of the bottles this time.  Anyway, I totally watch The Game too!  Because of our little ones, we turned down invitations to parties this year.  We decided to just be here, the four of us.  It's raining anyway, so we're happy to be indoors.  :)

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