Hey ya'll whats up?! Nothing too much I am SOOO uncomfortable and I'm only 27 weeks pregnant as of TODAY... I'm due May 3rd I can barely sit anymore let alone stand to do the dishes lol. I turn wrong when sleeping and it HURTS! I am soo uncomfortable... I know this baby (Alexander) is sitting side ways across my belly instead of up and down like he should be! Jeremy was always head down.... the WHOLE 9 months.... And even he's being a lil turd lately! LoL terrible 2s are starting lol.....


OMG And did I mention the stress of work OMG.... I do Time Life Customer Service at work were these customers call in to bitch bout absoultely EVERYTHING and I mean everything! Dont like my answer they ask for a supervisor and the stupid supervisors tell them the same fucking thing! DUH PEOPLE GET A CLUE!!!!! I get soo stressed out at work that I cry in my cubical... We use to only take 80 incomming calls a day... Now we are up to 200 a day! Its too much for me and lil Alexander I've told my boss I want on a less stressful program but NOOOOOO Time Life has to be understaffed and I cant get pulled off it... Every OTHER pregnant woman got pulled off it why cant I?! I cant have this stress!? I'm soo tempted to see if Dr Paige can put me on leave for the rest of my pregnacy when I go to see him next week cause its just too much for me... It puts me in a bad mood I dont like to yell or fight.... I've just been an emotional wreak lately... I hate it...  I cant take it... Hopefully he will let me take a leave of absence for the next 2 months... would be a nice vacation!


OH and PLUS FedEx wants to fuck with me... My Verizon phone I ordered the other day was suppose to be delivered yesterday right... ( I dont like being without a cell phone when I'm pregnant I cant do that!) well they decide to delay my phone from verizon claiming that the weather in TN was shitty... Well then I asked them why Jeremy's Apple IPhone was shipped out before mine from the same location.... Oh I was heated! I still am heated! My phone was suppose to be delivered yesterday and Jeremys was suppose to be delivered Monday.... UGH...... NOTHING is goin right lately! Anyways both of them are sitting in Cedar Rapids since this morning.... BULLSHIT! God I'm also goin to call Verizon n tell them to prorate my plan since I couldnt use it for the past 5 days since my phones been turned on.... UGH piss me off!!!!!!!!  but anyways do you guys think he will put me at a leave of absence if I asked the dr next wednesday?! I'm out TTYL



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Feb. 2, 2008 at 1:24 PM I dont know, he might just put you on light duty. How long have you worked there? Also, try proping your belly at night, and put a pillow behind your back too, it should help.

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Feb. 4, 2008 at 2:45 AM

If you tell your doc its making you so emotional that your crying at work from the stress surely he will give you a note for the leave. They have to let you off for doctors orders or they would be liable if something happened, if all else fails, you can probably take the family leave act route talk to someone in HR if they keep giving you crap. Lisa

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