O.k., being the compromising person that I am, I try to alternate night shifts with the baby ( most of the time I just do it). So last night was his turn, he started complaining about his back hurting and so forth, keep in mind , he had an outing with his students the next morning.  Rather than argue I just got up fixed the bottle and came back in the room.  I handed the bottle to him, picked up the baby and got in bed.  I try to hand him the baby so he could feed him and he would not take him, bringing up his back again.  So at this point I felt the need to ask him how he was going to function at the outing if his back was hurting so much, needless to say I got no response soooo I jerked the bottle out of his hand a fed the baby!!! Then he had the nerve to say under his breath, "I'm not superman."  I was to out done!!! Like are you serious?  So I said, "And I'm not superwoman, but you don't understand that!" Of course he didn't respond because #1 I was not supposed to hear that, and #2 He is not crazy, he knows if he would have said one more word after that comment I would have blessed his soul, but good.  I mean hell, I am only human but you want me to do everything knowing what all I have to do.  I don't mind  because my baby is my heart, but damn!! can a girl get some help around here.  It's not like I just sit around doing nothing, I have no time to spare!  Then he wants to wonder why I have an attitude at times or why I snap!!!! What do you think am I asking too much, or is he just inconsiderate?

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