I have been bored lately. Well, I seriously must have some attention deficit problem because I can not concentrate on one thing for more then an hour or so. Therefore I am constantly jumping from project to project.

These are the things I have been working on this past week: 2 knitting projects, 2 stories, designing a webpage for my fanfiction, watching Firefly (again), creating banners and icons with screencaps from my favorite shows and reading a book. I switch back and forth between these things every hour or so (sometimes every few minutes). It drives me crazy but I get bored so quickly.

Anyway. Out of this boredom has come some pretties.

icons for Bones:

These were just experiments with screencaps I found on a website--can't remember which one. I can find out if you want to know. I used Ulead PhotoImpact x3 (which I have as a 30 day demo). I really like this program. I have PI8 that my hubby gave me back in 2001 (I think) and I used that until I got hooked on photoshop elements for scrapbooking. But I like PI better for making icons.

icons for Angel:

The first one was made on photoshop elements 6 (which is also a demo right now). The other ones were made on PIX3. I'm still playing around and learning what works best and what I like so they aren't that great. Fun to look at, though. Also I screencapped most of these myself. The plant one is from season 1. The other 3 are from the season 5 episode "You're Welcome"

icons from Firefly:


These I made last night and had way too much fun experimenting with them. They are all from the epsisode "Shindig" except for the ones of Kaylee and Zoe which are from the episode "Safe". I made all the screencaps myself for these ones. I like doing it that way--then I can get the exact shot I want. But I can only do it from DVDs right now.

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