WHY do I love my candle business?? 

It's emails like the following that make me excited about my business. The email comes from a NEW distributor on my team that is rockin' and rollin' on sales, despite being down for several weeks from foot surgery.  She is a prime example of what having the right "mindset" can do for people.  I am very proud  of her "no excuses" attitude and DETERMINATION!  She was also top retailer on my team for the month of January.

Here's what she had to share:

"Hi to everyone and a Big Thanks ! I had my first home party and i have
two more this month sales are going great . I will be down for a little
while not being able to type my wrist surgery is scheduald for February
11th now that i can walk a little after my last foot surgery but i will
still be doing home parties thanks to the help of my hubby so as soon
as i can i'll update and let you know how things are going .I also have
a vendor showing in March so wish me luck i love this business it gives
me the hope everyday since they said i couldnt work again i proved the
doctors wrong this company and the support from you Deanna i am now
supplying my own income thank you from my heart and my husband who i was driving crazy with bordem ! Take care Cheryl Hall" 


Way to go Cheryl!!!  


Deanna Haley
Diamond Team Leader

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