OK so I don't know if your going to be celebrating the SUPER BOWL, but I can tell you we're having a BOWL of a party. (Ok i don't know what I was suppose to mean by that, but I have wanted to say that all morning, so thank you). If you are planning on celebrating this most ENERGITIC day, please take the folloeing rules into consideration! Thank you:

1. Dont go shopping the day before or after. If you think that the game is going to be brutal, try  grocie shopping the day before and the day of. Youll get tackled bye those mamas who use this day as a excuse to have a damn party, and if its not one of them, it will, i repeat, IT WILL be one of the fans who are all about this. So to save your ass please shop like 3 days before!

2. If your planning on ordering pizza, put it in like the week before. Or youll be waiting all of time for that pizza to get there. and the best way to get it is to just wait the hour in the damn line and pick it up yourself. you had to wait for everyone else, so they ca wait for you damit.

3. GET CRUNK!! (for those of you who dont know the meanig of this it means to get drnk. trust me your not old ok.hahaha)

4. yes there are only 4 rules i have. HAVE A BLAST!!! if your not hsvng fun...well...you suck. this is thr best time to yell and get "crunk" (yea you know the meaning to this now huh?).



Have fun!!

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