for years this place has haunted me during waking and sleeping hours. the dark void, the black hole. where silent mysterious cylinder sentries keep guard. where things have crawled never to return. where things have crawled out to torment me. where things have suddenly dissappeared from never to be seen or heard from again. there are things in there not of this world. things that can a grown man cry...and here it is in my very own home. this black hole that has scared me so much that i have only ventured in there but a few times and only when i must.

but today i had to go into that black hole, with its cold mysterious, scary beings. my hands shook and i swallowed hard..determined to conquer all those evil things that resided in there.....but i did it! i took a deep breath..and dove straight into the jaws of hell and into the open arms of the demons that awaited me...

ok enough already...i cleaned out the cabinet underneath my sink..lololol...and yes it was that scary!!!!! lololol...

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 2:59 PM

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