I am from Ireland a mother of 2 girls,I love books,photography, art,travel,music,gardening,decorating, being creative. I love all things to do withghosts,the paranormal,nature,pets, holistic/complimentary medicine mental health & spirituality. I collect crystals and read all books on new age,wicca, aromatherapy, health and spirituality.angels,SOME TAGS: animals, antique, aromatherapy, art, astral, beaches, beer, belief, billy, books, bronte, candle, celtic,druid, cats, caves, Chadbourn, chakara, children, chocolate, cinema, classical, cliffs, comedy, cornwall, countryside, creative, crystals, dogs, dolphins, dowsing, drama, druids, earth, elves, emiliebronte, exotic, faeries, fairy, faith, fantasy, feminine, fine, flowers, food, forest, friends, fun, games, gemstones, ghosts, gnome, guitar, healing, health, hedgewitch, herbert, herbs, hippie, holidays, holistic, hope, horror, horses, indian, ireland, jandevries, janeausten, kids, king, koontz, lake, laughter, life,wolf,women,Ocean,sensuality,chocolate,friends,mystery,music.

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