Okay, so this is my first journal post, woohoo!

Now on to the actual topic....

The last time I got into a car, would be when we went to Family Video to rent a few movies the other night, in the snow. Brrrr! We rented Hollow Man and Pursuit of Happyness for us, and Arthur's New Puppy for DD. We already watched Hollow Man (it was pretty good, but we definitely made a good choice watching it AFTER the kids were in bed) and we'll probably watch Pursuit of Happyness today or tomorrow....its due back Tuesday, so we'll watch it before then!

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Feb. 7, 2008 at 3:02 PM

Ok, Tuesday, I went to vote @Ellington City Hall with my husband Darrell, got gas & milk @ Don's Place, then later on I had to care for my grand-baby Mickayla to get her ready for the doctor. She had an ear infection/  sore throat   Glad she is doing better  now... this is Thursday, talked with her mom Lori about her. I don't get out much!But I pretend to be on Vacation always! Ha!


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