I just posted on one of the groups I belong too, there was a poll on there, asking if it was right or wrong to snoop in your signifigant other's stuff...the results as of right now to me were startling...I say thaqt mainly because to me...no matter the reason, snopping in my eyes is wrong  the higher percentage said that is was right, since thier signifigant other shouldn't have anything to hide...But I have to ask this...if you feel compelled to snoop within your signifigant others things, for whatever reason, why do you feel compelled too?...if you are with this person...being married or engaged or even just living together...IF you DON'T trust him, and you need to snoop...then why are you with him?Isn't trust the strongest thread of a relationship, with Love coming as a strong second in line with it?  Without trust...you can't possibly have a relationship that is meant to last through time...that poll just got me wondering, so I decided to post about it...

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