So yesterday was my SD birthday. She is 12 now and I can't believe in one more year she is going to be a teenager. She was lucky enough to have the day off for her birthday. In the afternoon I sent her a text message on her cell to wish her  a happy birthday. I never felt right about calling her for some reason. More then anything I just don't want to talk to her mom. Well later on that day my hubby called to wish her birthday and his ex answered. She started to scream at him and try to start a fight. He stayed calm and told her he wasn't going to fight with her and he just wanted to wish his daughter a happy birthday and she hung up on him. When he called back she keep refusing to let him talk to his daughter and hung up. After the the third time of her hanging up on him and him calling back she told him to stop fing calling that phone and hung up. He was calling his daughter's cell to talk to her and wish her a happy birthday. So he told her look I just want to wish my daughter a happy birthday. Is that to much to ask. She finally ended up putting her on the phone but not for that long. This whole time my hubby was staying very calm. I was so proud of him. His ex was acting like a child screaming and yelling and hanging up but he stayed calm and acted like an adult. What turns out to have happen is that his ex told him that as long as he is with me he will never see his daughter again. Now I really want to know what his daughter told her. I don't know why I'm the one to be blamed. I have no clue what I did wrong. Now I feel bad and like it is all my fault. Doesn't his ex know the only person she is hurting his my SD? I feel bad for my SD because it was her birthday and instead of having a happy one she is in th back ground crying because her mom is acting like a  B *@#$. Everything time she calls and has a fight with my hubby she does it right in front of my SD. She has been talking bad about my hubby to her. Now on her birthday she finds out she will never see her father again. I know she thinks it's my fault. I feel like it is my fault even though people keep telling me it's not. Right now I feel like my hubby would be better off if I was out of his life. We all ready have enough stress in our life we don't need this on top of it. I'm with out words on this one and totally clueless on what to do.

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